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Past Events Archive

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13 December, 2023

Hertie Futures Forum

The second in the series of Hertie Futures Forum Events that celebrated our 20th anniversary, the innovative panel discussed the topic of democracy - its past and its future. “Democracy on trial: Will 2024 change the face of democracy?” highlighted several key points through key panelists. 

Hertie Futures Forum Sustainability

The Hertie Futures Forum Sustainability Event kicked off our 20th anniversary event series with an exciting panel.  “Looking back to move forward: Exploring innovative approaches for international climate policy”  explored lessons learnt and upcoming challenges in international climate policy with key figures in the field.


23 November, 2023


6 March 2024

Hertie Futures Forum
Digital Governance

In the fifth event of our Hertie Futures Forum series celebrating our 20th anniversary, “Too smart to regulate? How AI challenges good governance”, we delved into the topic of AI regulation and the new EU Act.


The discussion was hosted by the Hertie School along with its Centre for Digital Governance and Data Science Lab.

8 February 2024

Hertie Futures Forum
Fundamental Rights

Jointly hosted by the Centre for Fundamental Rights and the University of Münster, in cooperation with the Integrative Research Institute Law & Society at Humboldt University Berlin from 8 – 9 February, the two-day conference explored pressing challenges to legal constitutionalism, and the role of courts in facing them. 

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