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The two-day conference brings together experts from civil society, politics and academia to discuss the major challenges facing Europe and the world.

Berlin, 10–11 June 2024 

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About the conference

The Anniversary Forum is the culmination of the Hertie School’s 20th anniversary celebration. The event concludes the Hertie School Futures Forum series, which has brought together scholars and policy leaders throughout the academic year to discuss sustainability, democracy, fundamental rights, digital governance, and European integration. Under the motto “Looking back to move forward”, panellists have identified major future challenges and drawn lessons from the past that can help us to prepare for the future.

The Anniversary Forum focusses on good governance at a time of major political upheaval. As the University of Governance in Berlin, dedicated to providing a European perspective on global debates, the Hertie School seeks to explore how Europe must address the twin challenge of polarisation of society and geopolitical fragmentation. Moreover, we ask what role higher education and research and academic freedom can play in the context of internal and external challenges. 


Thu Ha Dang,

Event Organisation


Benjamin Stappenbeck, Director Communications & Media Partnerships


Olga Matskevich, Guest Management/Fundraising and Sponsoring

Monday 10 June, 2024 

  • Cornelia Woll, President of the Hertie School together with Annette Schavan, Chair of the Executive Board of the Hertie Foundation will open the conference. 

  • For the opening panel Polarisation and the decay of political order we welcome Francis Fukuyama (Professor of Political Science,; Stanford University), Jens Spahn (Member of German Bundestag), and Catherine De Vries (Dean of International Affairs and Professor of Political Science; Bocconi University). The panel will be moderated by Andrea Römmele (Vice President; Hertie School).

Tuesday 11 June, 2024 

  • The second day of the Anniversary Forum will begin with a panel on the topic of Security in a fragmenting world, for which we welcome ​Boris Pistorius (German Federal Minister of Defence), Christoph Heusgen (Chairman of the Munich Security Conference), and Federica Mogherini (Rector; College of Europe).

  • ​For our Students-Leaders dialogue Hertie School students will engage politicians and experts like Joanna Bryson (Professor of Ethics and Technology; Hertie School), Norbert Röttgen, Member of the German Bundestag and Francis Fukuyama (Professor of Political Science; Stanford University), to discuss future challenges like digitalisation and democracy.

  • The panel Higher education and research in hard times brings together leading experts like Shalini Randeria (President; Central European University) and Joseph H. H. Weiler (Professor of Law; New York University).

  • ​The forum will conclude with the conferment of the third Henrik Enderlein Prize, hosted at the Hertie School and jointly organised by the German and French Foreign Offices, Sciences Po and the Hertie School, for which we welcome Anna Lührmann, (Minister of State for Europe and Climate Action; German Federal Foreign Office) and François Delattre (Ambassador of France to Germany).

Speakers and moderators include: 


Vice President; Hertie School

Caroline weimann.jpg

Caroline Weimann

Founder and Co-Managing Director; Join Politics

240508 20years essay competition winners 009.jpg

David Schäfer

Hertie School student

francois delattre.png

Ambassador of France to Germany


Professor of Law; New York University


Minister of State for Europe and Climate Action; German Federal Foreign Office


Dean of International Affairs and Professor of Political Science; Bocconi University

240508 20years essay competition winners 011.jpg

Eden Tadesse

Hertie School student


Member of the German Bundestag


Professor of Public Management and Political Economy; Hertie School


Chair Executive Board; Hertie Foundation


Chairman of the Munich Security Conference


Rector; College of Europe


Professor of Ethics and Technology; Hertie School


Member of the German Bundestag


German Federal Minister of Defence


President; Hertie School


Professor of Political Science; Stanford University

240508 20years essay competition winners 005.jpg

Johann Paetzold

Hertie School student


President; Central European University


Dean of Graduate Programmes; Hertie School



Humboldt Carré

Behrenstraße 42

10117 Berlin


By train: Take the S3, S5, S7 or S9 from main station to Berlin Friedrichstraße station then walk 10 minutes by foot. 

By plane: take the RB23 or RE8 from the airport Berlin Brandenburg, exit at Berlin Friedrichstraße station and walk 10 minutes by foot. 

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